Having the ability to create a web presence through WordPress has revolutionized web building for an endless number of businesses. As one of the most versatile platforms out there, WordPress offers endless plugins and themes, allowing users to cater their site to exactly what they and their customers need.

One of the biggest drawbacks of WordPress, however, is the fact that it is only available for use in the English language. Because of its versatility and ease of use, it’s no surprise that people of all languages are clamoring to use it. But, even though WordPress is built to be used in English, there are digital tools, plugins and themes that can be localized to a specific language, where users are still able to enjoy all of the features that WordPress offers.

Here are the simple ways you can translate your WordPress website into any other language:

Look At Your Plugins

You may be unaware that the plugins you’re using are available in English, which is generally universally acceptable. But, even though it’s one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, not everyone out there speaks or understands it.

But, by registering an account on wordpress.org, you can begin contributing to translations and improve the already available translations. Even if you’re not contributing regularly, you may have certain plugins that you want to help translate into a different language. If this is what you’re interested in, you’ll first need to install the Loco Translate plugin that helps with the localization process.

What is Loco Translate?

This incredible plugin allows you the ability to translate the themes and plugins you’re using into any other language desired. Currently, it’s reached more than 600,000 installs and is widely considered to be the leader in translation plugins.

When you’re looking for a simple process for having your website, plugins and themes translated, this plugin is the solution you’re looking for. Just install the plugin on your WordPress site to enable updates to be made directly to your WordPress themes and plugins.

Start on Your Translations

After installing Loco Translate on your WordPress site, you can immediately begin accessing your plugins to localize and translate. From your dashboard, follow Loco Translate / Plugins page. You’ll be able to view a list of activated plugins your site is using, and you’ll be able to choose which plugin you are looking to translate.

If you select the plugin you want to translate and certain language translation is available, it makes the process much simpler to localize your site.

What if your language isn’t available?

If you’ve opted to translate a plugin, but the language you want isn’t presented, you can select the ‘New Language’ option, where you’ll be redirected to a page where you can choose the language you want your plugin to be translated into. You may either select WordPress language or a custom language. After you’ve adjusted the settings to what you need, click on ‘start translating’ to begin the whole process.

There’s an editor built right into Loco Translate that can help put together the list of strings to be translated. You’ll be able to enter those translation right into the source string,” outlines web developer Joanna Taylor of Best Australian Writers and Top essay writing services.

Managing Translations

Loco Translate makes it easy to manage the translations you’ve done. You can also monitor the progress you’re making on current translation. Specific strings can be searched for, edited or even edited by someone else.

Making Your Translations Active

When you’re done with your translations, it’s time to make them active. All you have to do is switch the language of your WordPress site by changing the ‘site language’ option.

Although there are different ways to translate your plugins Loco Translate definitely is one of the easiest methods for doing this. “It can be somewhat time consuming to complete a translation, but if your audience can benefit from it, it’s time well invested,” outlines project manager at Top Canadian Writers and Subjecto, Lori Brantley.

As translation methods continue to constantly be improving, it’s becoming more and more easy to get information and messages across in any language. Loco Translate is just one of the best tools available at the moment for getting this job done.

Sara Sparrow is a technical writer and project coordinator at Australian reviewer and Study demic, who enjoys taking time to share her knowledge with others. She consults businesses and attends conferences to share her knowledge on marketing and tech, but in her spare time writes articles and blogs, Best essay writing services, on a wide array of other topics she’s interested in.